Australian Banknote Checker
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This checker tool uses serial ranges meant for notes issued for circulation, as updated by the reserve banks collector information webpage, sometimes a banknote found may show as “Serial # Out Of Range”, possible reasons for this are as follows.
Collectors Issue Note:
Some print runs have serial numbers allocated for special release, and generally meant for collections, these serials are often low numbered, sometimes coloured numbers such as Red instead of Black, and part of folder sets. Sometimes these note make their way into circulation, although not calculated for in the checker tool, these notes are often sought after and valuable and worth investigating further.
Outside Recorded Numbers:
Most commonly occuring with the ‘Next Generation Banknotes’, Additional serial numbers are being found outside of the recorded figures by the reserve bank, these may be updated over time and generally do not offer additional value to the note, the checker tool will still check for special serial types however if found are not included in any recorded totals.
About This Tool:
This Banknote Checker Tool is for ‘Australian Decimal Banknotes’ with $1 >> $100 face values, it currently includes Paper Banknotes dated from 1966 >> 1993, Bicentennial Issue 1998 Polymer Banknotes, and current use Polymer banknotes dated 1992 >> Current year.
This tool checks for:
First / General / Last Prefixes
Test Notes
NPA / 1st / Re-Issue 1988 Dated Notes
Low Digit Serials:
Single Digit (Under 10)
Double Digit (Under 100)
Triple Digit (Under 1000)
Special Serial Types:
Solid Serials
Serial Types above are checked for 6+ Digit ranges.
Scoring provided is based on many factors including age, serial range production numbers, signatures, and occurance of special serial types.
While best efforts have been taken to provide accurate data, collecting is very subjective and scores may not reflect the desirability of your banknote, If you would like me to add additional Special Serial Types to the checker or have found an error please let me know in the comments below and I will add to future updates where possible.
Last Updated: 04/01/2022

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  1. Is there anything particularly interesting about this note plz AG 04 125 385 Macfarlane/Henry and thanks

    1. WA08677499? Australian 10 pound note?

  2. Hi how r U?
    I have x2 $50 notes and I think they are both worth something can anyone please let me no…
    AB182777495 AND
    I also have a $10 …
    Kind regards kylielee

    1. Does anyone even read these comments anymore???


    1. I know very little about note collecting Peter but that sounds incredibly rare! Hope you got the help you need because that could be a very big payday!

      1. Peter, I agree with Mark.

  4. Hello my name is Troy I have a rare ish note I believe and wish to see what the worth of it and where do I sell such notes please could someone give me some information about all this thankyou in advance. Prefix is CK190111101 a true binery 7 didget

  5. Hii
    I have a $50 note
    EK 13626666
    Is it possible that it worth more than face value plz

    1. Does anyone even read these comments anymore???
      I’m not sure marnie
      I would think so….
      I don’t even know where or how to sell these notes,
      But I know it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes and it’s even harder to get help in this world…
      Kind regards kylielee

      1. Yes

  6. OK ….. $5 BA15 First Prefix. You class it slightly towards ‘Rare’ but it has a CV of $1,750. That should make it rare! Why?

  7. How would find out how much this notes worth?

    1. Renniks Australian coin and banknote values. Between $40-$75.

      1. How much for this $20 AA08623567

  8. I love this
    It has saved me for having this tracker
    Online ..absolutely I recommend this

  9. This note is in perfect condition

  10. Ba95 is a first prefix note

    1. Thankyou Mira,I was not
      aware of this. I thought only AA notes were first prefix notes. Are you able to tell me how I go about finding out what other notes besides AA notes are first pre-fix notes please? Thanks for your help. Ann

  11. Thanks for maintaining this sight it’s a big help to us learners some very interesting reading talk care keep up the good work cheers 🍺👍

  12. G’day mate how are U??? I recently got this $50 Australian note in really good condition & it has a “6 Solid Serial number”!!! It says CC 09 555 555 on it!!! Could U help me know what you think the note is worth??? Thanks, Phil Rogers😉

    1. hi I was just reading all the comments on this site !
      I looked up your note in my coin and mote’s book, if your note is uncirculated ,you could get up to $170.00 for it other than that it’s worth $50.00

  13. Just found this site , amazing ! I have a $50 note with serial number AA09890247 , which I checked to be a 2009 Stevens/ Henry.
    I have noticed that some say keep the AA serial numbers , are they really worth keeping ? Keen to find out ! Would love to hear comments !

  14. I have 6x consecutive $50 notes: AI 200107582 – 87

  15. I have 4 consecutive serial numbers $50 dollar aus

  16. Ef99 996966 50dollar note

  17. I just posed the wrong pefex on my last post the first note is bk not bx. Sorry

  18. Have 3 10 notes bx06706284……ac06704781….fd07584855….comes up with wrong Signature…these have Henry. Gilmore..

    1. Are you referring to the 2x signatures on the note? Or the name of the portraits on the note?

      1. Do partial bits of notes have any value?

  19. DD190081795 $50 “Banknote not found”

    1. Hi, the RBA don’t have any 2019 dated $50 notes released for circulation, if you happen to have that serial feel free to email me a photo so I can look into it, thanks

      1. Hi I have a new $5 note that looks like a miss print as it’s missing the face on the queen. Like it ran out of ink or something….?
        Can u let me know what you think about it plz

  20. Uncirculated 5 dollar note, Fraser and Evans, would like to know the value .

    1. Fraser and Evans 1993 $5 normal prefix.
      Medium to dark green serial number.
      Aunc $80 up to True Unc $150
      As per 2022 Renniks 31st edition.
      Hope this helps.
      Kind regards, Brad.

  21. AG08 065560 100DOLLAR worth keeping any 100 is as long as possible but with the reverse number is it worth hanging on to

    1. i would say yes

  22. Hi Greg I have two $50 notes the latest ones but one is a lot darker than the other in colour they came out of ATM might be on a winner hey

    1. I have HH 185478606 -612 r they of any value

    2. I have the same be nice if we are on a winner 🏆

  23. Should I be keeping AA notes

    1. Yes, their first prefix notes that can be rare depending on their face value and year

  24. Found a Lowe/Fraser AA190008909 low serial number in my change. Seems to have some value on the meter. Thoughts??

  25. Hello l have an Australia two dollar note signatures : Johnston/ Fraser serial number KXX 260529,,can you tell me if this has any value as l am unable to find anything on this bank note with this serial number thank you l look forward to your reply, Kind Regards

  26. Hi I come across a note with a serial number 180181818 what would it be worth.

  27. $20 – 9 digit binary General Prefix DB191991119 any taker on a value please…

  28. Hi .I have some note and want to kn how much they worth.
    $50 note DF181686686
    $10 note AG173555371
    $5 note BF190182182
    $5 note AB00801262

  29. It’s a commonwealth of Australia $2 note FBK366288 Ronald Wilson

  30. It’s a 2 note FBK366288 what’s it worth

  31. Hello I hope you are well. I have a fifty dollar note with the letters J2A printed on a 2014 50 note its not part of tje serial number. Have you jeard or seen this please , thank you in advance

  32. Hi I have a AA200277809 I was wondering what it’s worth thank you ?

    1. Below the serial number checker tool is a value on ebay option press it it will take you to ebay simikar notes . Check how much they have sold for on ebay by selecting sold items and look for a similar note to your note .

  33. I have a MF 1999 $ 50 dollar bank note and I was wondering if it a keeper and the value of it. MF99944067

  34. I have a 2 $ bill with a red seal A68419601A series 1953B in great condition one corner has a small fold line. Any idea’s on value?

  35. LLF 190774 $2 bank note and DHN 463277 $1 bank note wondering if you can help me on if its the real ones or fake ones and how much is it worth please

  36. Hi, I Just Found a Australian Polymer Banknote Denomination is :$20.00. Circulated ‘Repeater’ Serial Number :BC190573573 , Im Not Quite Certain As To Discerning Its Grade, However I Can Offer That its Perhaps In Good/Fair Condition…I Was Hoping That Perhaps You Could Possibly Shed Some Light As To The Value Which it May Hold/Have???
    Any Assistance, Would Be Much Appreciated.

  37. I have a $100 note that is green as per the usual colour note one end but purple as per the $5-00 note the other end, is it worth anything

  38. I have been involved in Numismatics for many years and will answer any questions that I can if anybody asks.

    1. Hey mate any chance you can price the note I got please

    2. G’day Greg, I have 4 Australian paper notes, $2, $5, $10 $20, these notes are hand signed by Frederick Wheeler, I’ve had these well over a decade and have contacted our treasury department talking to a lady there who knows of these notes and said Mr Wheeler had no permission to sign these notes for a family friend and are classed as “defaced” notes, she said the notes would be destroyed if returned to the treasury department, all the notes are on his signature notes which were signed in a Qld pub for a family friend who has also passed away many years ago, the missing $1 note is because there were no signature notes in the till at the time of his visit. I am curious to know if these notes would be worth selling to a collector of notes or just passing them down to family in the future, thanks for your time.

    3. Hi greg I was wondering if a sequential set of 6x aud $50 sequential bank notes with prefix AH 200243796-AH 200243801is worth anything thanks for expertise & time on this matter. I appreciate your opinion

      1. How come greg never got back and answered my questions about my sequencial 6 x $50 notes. Please advise

    4. 1985 Johnston Fraser $20 UNC – 9 × consecutive notes starting from:

      They are very fine quality. What is the price range for such?

    5. Hi, I’ve got a $5 2019 first prefix 7 digit radar AA190036300 what’s it worth ? If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it. Also as condition of the note there is no noticeable creases or folds it’s in overall good condition. Thanks

    6. Hi Greg,
      I have 15 X $5.00 bank notes with consecutive numbers starting at DB97674341 — to DB97674356.
      4 X $5.00 bank notes with consecutive numbers starting at DB97674358 — to DB97674361.
      Could you please give me your opinion on these notes they are in uncirculated condition.
      Kind Regards

    7. Should I be keeping AA notes

      1. That’s what I would like to know I got a $100 that’s an
        AA14107031 ? Keep or spend?

      2. I have about a grand in aa notes $100,$50,$20,$10,$5s Most in perfect condition I just don’t know how to sale them

    8. 2 dollar bill # A 20224880A

    9. Hello greg i really need your assistance ive got a 50$ AA13701370 and cant fund any values could you give me an estimate cheers

  39. I have 12 sequential $1 notes. Very good condition. DHL 416441 – DHL416452 I’d be interested in what they would be worth as I am new to the hobby

    1. They sound like Johnston / Stone signatures so if circulated maybe $2 – $3 each. Cheers.

      1. I have multiple one dollar bill silver certificate
        Have a couple 5 dollar bills
        Two of the five dollar bills say on top United States note like one five say that and serial number is A52566653A in red letters

  40. Hello…I have a 1954 AF19 last prefix 10 shilling note…it has a gentle centre fold and a teller flick so I would say EF/AU. I cant find any sales at auctions or ebay at all past or present. Anyone have any idea on its rarity? Thank you.

    1. Hey mate I would be interested in buying at the right price to get in contact

      1. I do not know what the price would be as I cant find any sales so its obviously hard to find…what would you offer?

  41. I have a 1985 $100 first prefix Johnston Fraser note which came up as semi rare. ZBC 743609. However on the signatures side of the note, there is a faint pen mark with the number 43. Does this eliminate any value the note may have?

    1. Yes…graffiti will de value the note…for example if the note appears Uncirculated a buyer would probably value it as Almost Uncirculated…if it looks EF he would probably value it at VF. hope this helps.

  42. Could you please send me some more information on the $50 note I have it’s Australian $50note, AA181019825.

  43. Can you please check this $ 2 paper not
    RH Fraiser
    LLU 002567
    Thank you Sally

    1. General prefix Sally…probably worth face value if its circulated.

      1. 2 dollar bill
        1953 #A06125120A
        It’s says United States note
        All in red letters
        Have multiple more

  44. Hi can someone please tell me about these numbers DA190628269 CH190628269 CG190628269 CK190628269 DF190628269 CJ190628269

    1. On what denomination ?

      1. Hi greg sorry been away all notes are $20

  45. Could you please give me a closer amount $ wise what my note should be worth. It’s a Australian $5note, AA162057179.

  46. I purchased but a bundle of 1000 $1.00 as last of the paper from a money dealer . These notes were put away until now . They are in perfect order but have the following prefix DHK 337672 printed by the Reserve Bank of Australia checked by GV008 Bundle 1082 042609 . Nowhere can I find any recognition of these markings ?

    1. Note printing Australia will not give out any info but it sounds like you have Johnston / Stone signature notes. If you are seeking value they would be aprox $500 – $600 through auctions for a consecutive bundle of 100 notes less auction house commission of probably 22%. Cheers.

    2. PS. The 1082 bundle number probably ids as 10th month 1982 print run…but that’s only my guess.

  47. Hi Matt Awesome work
    FYI 96 test notes in $100 punched in CQ96819911 test notes prefixes AO to CR with first test note prefix AN and last test note prefix CS.
    hope this helps

  48. How can I check a sequence of notes? I have
    $100 AC200917997-AC200918002.
    Also -973,974 &992&994


    Are they worth anything not having an AA prefix.

    Unfortunately this is my first ride so whether I should put them back out there or try to sell t them I would be greatly appreciate anyone’s expert opinion.

    Thank you

  49. Well done on this tool.
    It’s so interesting and accurate.
    Really impressed!!!!!

  50. Hi Love this tool thanks for all your hard work
    put in following EJ190216566 came up out of range below is RBA numbers .CHEERS Adam

    RBA 5 AA 19 – EJ 19 0000001 0218163 Lowe/Kennedy

    1. Hi Adam, Thanks for the letting me know the updated serial range,
      I’ve updated the range in the tool and double checked the other denominations to make sure they currently match.

      All the best – Matt.

  51. I love being able to use this site as I am new to this and I am 70. What I would like to know is what the Special Serial Types are or mean. I hope you will help me understand a little more about banknotes please.

  52. I have gem uncirculated $50 with the error resposiblties, first prefix AA and a solid number AA185888888, so what do you think? How much is it worth?

    1. Hi, my is John, I have 80 sequential uncirculated $1 notes serial numbers DNU 693001 TO 693080, and 19 sequential uncirculated $1 notes DNT 693480 TO DNT 693480 (missing DNT693499).
      They were left to be by my late father, would they be of any special interest/value to a collector.
      Thank you.

  53. If u find u have one the notes thats a first prefix where would u go to get it valuated or to sell it ..or how do u sell it ?

    1. There is a series of books called the Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes which comes out every year and I believe it is in its 23rd Edition.
      This gives the most accurate general value of coins and banknotes but this is not always what you will expect to get for your collection.
      Generally the more realistic prices you will find are on eBay where you can search for a note or coin and then click the (Show SOLD Listings) to see what people will and have paid for them.
      MOST of those bidders are referencing the pocket guide mentioned above while placing bids.
      Also don’t forget that with eBay there are fees and PayPal fees and postage (Insurance and registered post) fees. Depending on what you want to sell this might be minimal and not an issue but bigger ticket items attract bigger percentage fees. Other options are Auction houses, actual live venue auctions where you will place your item for consignment and have it set for n auction listing on a given date which could take weeks to months depending on the venue.

      Another method is to get general idea of the pocketbook value, the eBay sale value and round off a figure in between and throw it on gumtree. there are no fees and often people will meet you face to face either somewhere public like a library or somewhere safe but just be cautious of who and where etc. Once again depending on your item or collection.

      Which is partly why there are fees associated with other services. Just make sure you register and insure anything posted.

      1. Hi Jeff…coin and banknote values books are well over reality…Ebay is not really a guide as you will notice prices can fluctuate for the same item greatly and grading can be terribly wrong, not to mention the many 1oz silver copies being sold. The best place to find a value is to look at Downie’s or Noble’s auction results as that is where grading is true and it will give you an accurate value at that point in time. Price guides are just that… a dealers guide and in most cases unless its a really rare item dealers will sell dramatically below book prices but some items can also sell above as well. Pricing numismatics is not easy as it takes many years to be able to grade correctly and that is the most important aspect. At the end of the day anything is worth what someone will pay, finding the starting point is the game
        . Cheers.

  54. Thanks for a really great tool to quickly identify notes!!!! Well done!!

  55. Can you send additional serial no please

    1. Hi, Once you’ve checked a serial you can select the serial number text again to change/type a new serial number to be checked.
      Hope this helps, thanks

      1. What is this $20 dollar note worth, I have 2 of them same numbers but the last 2 numbers are different

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