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This tool currently checks for:
Low Numbered:
  • Single Digit Serials
  • Double Digit Serials
  • Special Types: (6-digits+)
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid Serials
  • Ascending Ladders
  • Descending Ladders
  • Rotator Serials
  • Radar Serials
  • Repeater Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Binary Serials
  • Prefix Types:
  • First / Last / General Prefix
  • Test Notes
  • Signatures Sets
  • Additional details to be shown here once serial inputted.

    For any feedback, suggestions or missing special serial types to add to the checker, please comment below.

    Last Updated: 18/01/2021

    15 thoughts on “

    1. There doesn’t seem to be a place to change date. I put in the serial number and the denomination and it just tells me “No “PF” prefix issued
      for 2000 $20 notes”. It’s not a 2000 series it is a 2017A series star note. Not sure if it’s something with the script or something I’m doing wrong.

      1. Hi Nathan, looks like that serial is a US Banknote thats entered on the australian polymer checker, please try again on the US Banknote checker page and let me know if still any issues, thanks

    2. Fantastic note checker , I love using it good work 👍💵

    3. Why is there no option to check the value of $1 bills? I would like to know the value of my fancy serial number.

      1. Hi Rose, please make sure to use the correct checker from the menu for $1 notes.

    4. Mate this checker is fantastic. Many thanks for all your hard work in designing & inputting all the info. Its brilliant.

    5. hi mate i tried to check on a ten dollar DE17 note but it say there are no DE for 2017? thanks

      1. Hi Simon, just checked and looks like the 2017 $10’s are working fine, possibly the denomination was incorrectly set, or serial # input wrong, if it happens again can you please email me a screenshot of the inputs you have entered so I can try to find the error, cheers

    6. Matt you are a champion, this has been a god send for me, bad memory etc, when i get cash out for coins, rip out the phone open serial checker, I can sleep knowing nothing has gotten away 🤣👍 Thank you for your brain

    7. Hi I really appreciate this tracker. For a amateur it stops me from asking stupid questions in the coins groups. I was hoping you may be able to tell me…. I have a 50c from 2001 and all the ones you show have centenary written on them. mine doesnt . does that make it rare or has it just not been catalogued ? I also have a 20c that doesn’t show up either. It’s from 2011. Thanks in anticipation of a response

      1. Hi Kerrie,
        Thanks for the message, the 2001 50c might be the non-state coat of arms design which is common, unsure about the 2011 but you can send through a picture of it via the checker if you haven’t already, I’ve been a bit strapped for time working on the coin checker but hoping to update soon with the coins i’ve missed. Cheers

    8. Absolutely love this, makes life so easy.
      THANK YOU *****

    9. Thank you for creating this note checker and all the information with it.
      it is very helpful.

    10. There is no checking facility for the $10 Bicentennial Polymer banknotes

      1. Hi Garry, I’ve had to add the bicentennial $10 in in the ‘PAPER BANKNOTE CHECKER’ tool due to the doubling up in the serial #’s.

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