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This tool currently checks for:
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  • Single Digit Serials
  • Double Digit Serials
  • Special Types: (6-digits+)
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid Serials
  • Ascending Ladders
  • Descending Ladders
  • Rotator Serials
  • Radar Serials
  • Repeater Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Binary Serials
  • Prefix Types:
  • First / Last / General Prefix
  • Test Notes
  • Signatures Sets
  • Additional details to be shown here once serial inputted.

    For any feedback, suggestions or missing special serial types to add to the checker, please comment below.

    Last Updated: 18/01/2021

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    1. I have a 5dollar zz note ab14386620 it doesnt come up can u tell me its value plz

    2. I have 10 X $100 notes ck200330659-60-61-62-63-64-65-66. -68-69
      Are they worth keeping or should I spend them
      All in very good condition

    3. Hi Garry, I hope you can help me.
      I have 2 Banknotes in sequence, Australia 1996 $100
      Serial Nº = GD 96 364 371 and GD 96 364 372
      Fraser/ Evans signatures. In excellent condition.

      Also, 2 groups of 6 Banknotes, with the same numbers in sequence, the
      only difference is one letter of the serial number.
      Australia 2020 $ 100
      Lowe/Kennedy signatures.

      Serial Nº = BC 201 224 657-62
      Serial Nº = BE 201 224 657-62

    4. Hay everyone i got $5 dollar note 2019 it has say serial # print out of range is fake or reprinted update version

      1. Hi Jason,
        It appears the 2019 have a fair few notes released into circulation outside of the reported serial range, the RBA has a disclaimer advising this may be the case on their site. If official number gets updated I will adjust the range in the checker, thanks

    5. Hi, I’ve got a $5 note that is apparently out of serial range according to this site and the RBA site. Serial is DE190203335 , anyone know if this happens often / worth more than face value ?

      1. Hi Mitchell, the serial ranges provided by the RBA also come with a disclaimer that the numbers may be updated/differ from their online reports, it looks like this is most common at the moment with $5 notes, if they update their official release figure I will update the checker to match.

        As far as value, it would really come down to personal interest as the number could update and just become a standard range note

        1. Ah cheers good to know, thanks for the quick reply ,as well as this awesome site.

        2. Matt I have a$5 dollar note with a de01192917 and carnt find any info on it eg is it worth more that $5 dollars

    6. Hi can anyone tell if $50 note AA184897728/ $100 note AA98983530/AA17459581/AA10718340/AA10808604 are worth anything

      1. AA98983530 looks the best out of what you have.

    7. 2007 $50 note value?
      Serial- AB 07070707

    8. Hi Would anyone know if these Notes R Worth Anything In Very Light Circulation All $50.00 Notes
      And This Radar Note

    9. Hi Would anyone know if these Notes R Worth Anything In Very Light Circulation
      And This Radar Note

    10. This is a seven digit radar note, maybe you’ve typed it in wrong mate 👍

      1. Hi I have AA 181966166 worth any money

    11. Hi I have a $50 note with serial AA13220033 is it worth anything

      1. It’s a prefix note but serial number isn’t rare, so ya might be lucky to fetch $55-$60 for someone’s collection

    12. Hi I think this note is a radar but it isn’t coming up as a radar. The serial is AB 10282010.
      Now I am unsure if the the year of the note is used when determining the type of serial number, but I read this particular note as a 7 digit radar from the beginning just disregarding the last digit, like this – 1028201.

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Generally with note collecting, special serial numbers need to start from the right most digit, this is why your note isn’t showing as a radar, while it is still an interesting serial# there may be some collector interest in it, my advice would be to keep until you find a better condition or better serial then replace it.

    13. Hi there,

      If I have a set of notes with almost identical serial numbers would it be worth more if sold them as a pair? Just as an example say I had (and they were moderately rare):


      many thanks in advance.

    14. I have a 1988 ten dollar polymer bank note. Serial number AB 32232575. Its uncirculated. Can you give me an idea of it’s value

    15. My bill wont come up, it keeps saying error. The serial is ME 33933533 so would it be a semi solid? semi radar?

    16. Hi there,

      I have a few notes with almost identical serial numbers:


      Would selling them together increase their value by any meaningful amount?

      Thanks for your help in advance

      1. I should also add that they are $20 notes, all in mint condition.

      2. No value,just a consecutive run. That’s normal

    17. I have a 20 dollar crisp new bill with serial number pe45114511f. How much is it worth? Please if someone can tell please. Thank you.

    18. Hi,
      I have a new $100 note which says
      It says that this run only had 188,115 printed so it’s considered low mintage.. it’s also pretty close to looking like it’s uncirculated.. only a couple small marks on the clear banner..
      Should I keep this? Will it be valuable?

      1. Hi Lisa, great note you’ve got there, be sure to keep it flat and secure, condition is everything regarding value and could be the difference in a value of $130 -> $300+ currently for that note. To check the currrent asking prices you can click the title once checked to compare against eBay prices, hope this helps

    19. Hi there,
      Great facility!!!
      I did have one serial number come up with the wrong year though – AB 13967245. It is a 1988 first polymer but the facility says it is 2013.

      1. Hi Karyn, I’ve had to add the 1988 notes to the paper note checker tool due to the duplicate serial numbers, I’m working on an update to allow all the notes on the 1 tool though, hope this helps, thanks

    20. Hi I have a $50 serial number GB183393398 would this not be a 8 digit rotator. Thanks

      1. Hi Andrew, A rotator type is when the serial can be read the same upside down, and commonly only consists of 0,1,6,8,9’s, an easy example would be 660099 as a 6-digit rotator, as when read upside down still reads 660099

    21. Hi matt thanks iv found your page very helpful iv found a $50 AA0333113 wich i have put away can you give me a rough estimate on value

    22. HI, I have $100 notes serials starting all with Z such as ZHS XXXXXX, but it says the serial is incomplete. Can you advise? Thanks.

      1. Hi Peter, looks like a Paper $100 note, please use the paper note checker from the menu for this note, I’m currently working on an update to cover all australian decimal notes in the 1 tool, hoping to have it up soon, thanks

    23. hi everytime i enter this 10 dollar polymer number it comes up as invalid serial length number is AA22023328

      1. Hi Phil, looks like that’s a serial for the $10 Bicentennial notes, currently the AA folder issue notes are not included in the checker, for the general release AB bicentennial notes I’ve had to add these into the paper not checker. I’m currently working on an update to include these notes into the main checker. Thanks

        1. thank you

    24. Hi, i have a $50 HJ09999999. very good condition. Want to know its value. Thanks

    25. Thanks bro I was blown away when I found out how rare the 1997 50$ note was with FB97777797 serial number what’s the odds of me getting it out of the ATM 2 days go when there’s only 64 made for that prefix that year after 24 years on cercliation I found it thanks to ya checker I realised what I had I only kept it cos I seen all the 7s would of spent it otherwise thanks bro

    26. Hello, I have solid serial $10 notes DD12999999 DD12000000 DE12999999 and DE12000000. The zero solids are shown as serial # out of print range. This is incorrect. 🙂

      1. Hi Damo, serial #000000 are special release and not for general circulation, this is why it will get the ‘out of print range error’, this will also occur with serials that were allocated to NPA folder issed notes aswell, hopefully I can include collector issues in future updates. Thanks for the message

        1. Interesting, I got these notes all from the same bundle from the bank. All for general circulation…

          1. Thats incredibly lucky, any chance you can email me a pic of both notes? (999999, 000000).
            That would suggest the 6 0’s come after the 9’s, and not before the 000001#, I’d be interested in asking the RBA to follow up on that.

            There also appears to be new gen 2019 $5 notes that are in circulation outside the official print run numbers.

            1. Sure thing, where do I find your email details?

        2. Hi matt is ther such a thing called trinary serial#
          I have a $100 db96796676 im a newby and would appreciate your input thanx steve

    27. Your estimates don’t account for star notes and very low serial numbers like 000001

      1. Hi Julz, The Banknote Values Estimator uses data for the sales taken place during the month, some sales do not meet the criteria to use in the estimator although are still included in the ‘DATA’ tab, you can use the filter icon on the Title header and seach for ‘STAR’ or ‘00000’ and this will filter out sales that match so you can check against the sales price. Unfortuntely if no sales for the particular note / variety takes place during the month, there will not be an estimate available.

    28. Hi. I’ve typed in my prefix and serial number of my $5 polymer frasert/Cole note and it keeps saying I’ve put in incorrect information. What do I do here. Cheers.

      1. Hi Jessica, can you please reply with the serial# and prefix you have so i can test it? Thanks

    29. Hey was wondering if you had a list of all the prefixes issued for all the Australian Polymer banknotes?
      I’m wanting to collect one of each.. and I can’t find a list anywhere.. can only find things saying eg AA95-EA95 so I’m not really understanding what the prefixes in between would be.. if youncould send me one if you have one would be greatly appreciated
      & also thank you for creating this serial checker also I use it daily it’s the best you are a genius !

      1. Hi Caitlyn, thanks for the message, I’ll add a page shortly with all the prefixes you are after, will update when its ready, cheers

      2. Go to rba website resources banknote serial number wa la all r in there

    30. Hi, this is a really useful website, thanks! I have a $5 note with a serial number not listed in the RBA’s official range – do they sometimes update their published number ranges as time goes on? Thanks

      1. Hi Alison, I’m not sure if the production numbers get updated by the RBA once posted, I’ve had a few people mention serial numbers outside the official range so far, if possible could you pleae email me a picture of the note and I’ll try to follow up some info with the RBA, thanks!

    31. There doesn’t seem to be a place to change date. I put in the serial number and the denomination and it just tells me “No “PF” prefix issued
      for 2000 $20 notes”. It’s not a 2000 series it is a 2017A series star note. Not sure if it’s something with the script or something I’m doing wrong.

      1. Hi Nathan, looks like that serial is a US Banknote thats entered on the australian polymer checker, please try again on the US Banknote checker page and let me know if still any issues, thanks

    32. Fantastic note checker , I love using it good work 👍💵

    33. Why is there no option to check the value of $1 bills? I would like to know the value of my fancy serial number.

      1. Hi Rose, please make sure to use the correct checker from the menu for $1 notes.

    34. Mate this checker is fantastic. Many thanks for all your hard work in designing & inputting all the info. Its brilliant.

    35. hi mate i tried to check on a ten dollar DE17 note but it say there are no DE for 2017? thanks

      1. Hi Simon, just checked and looks like the 2017 $10’s are working fine, possibly the denomination was incorrectly set, or serial # input wrong, if it happens again can you please email me a screenshot of the inputs you have entered so I can try to find the error, cheers

    36. Matt you are a champion, this has been a god send for me, bad memory etc, when i get cash out for coins, rip out the phone open serial checker, I can sleep knowing nothing has gotten away 🤣👍 Thank you for your brain

    37. Hi I really appreciate this tracker. For a amateur it stops me from asking stupid questions in the coins groups. I was hoping you may be able to tell me…. I have a 50c from 2001 and all the ones you show have centenary written on them. mine doesnt . does that make it rare or has it just not been catalogued ? I also have a 20c that doesn’t show up either. It’s from 2011. Thanks in anticipation of a response

      1. Hi Kerrie,
        Thanks for the message, the 2001 50c might be the non-state coat of arms design which is common, unsure about the 2011 but you can send through a picture of it via the checker if you haven’t already, I’ve been a bit strapped for time working on the coin checker but hoping to update soon with the coins i’ve missed. Cheers

    38. Absolutely love this, makes life so easy.
      THANK YOU *****

    39. Thank you for creating this note checker and all the information with it.
      it is very helpful.

    40. There is no checking facility for the $10 Bicentennial Polymer banknotes

      1. Hi Garry, I’ve had to add the bicentennial $10 in in the ‘PAPER BANKNOTE CHECKER’ tool due to the doubling up in the serial #’s.

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