Special Serial Types
This tool currently detects the following collectable serial types:
  • Ladders (Ascending)
  • Ladders (Descending)
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid 1/6 type
  • Semi-Solid 2/5 type
  • Semi-Solid 3/4 type
  • Binary Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Radar Serials 2-Digit type
  • Radar Serials 3-Digit type
  • Radar Serials 4-Digit type
  • Low Numbers (Single Digit)
  • Low Numbers (Double Digit)
  • Low Numbers (Triple Digit)
  • High Numbers (Single Digit)
  • High Numbers (Double Digit)
  • High Numbers (Triple Digit)
  • Rotator serial (Soft)
  • Rotator serial (Strict)
  • True-Rotator serial (Soft)
  • True-Rotator serial (Strict)
  • Special Serial Types

    Banknote Release Date
    This tool searches banknotes with release dates starting form 1935 through to current releases.
    Banknote Release Date

    Released Serial Range
    Prefixes with a released serial range less that 1 million notes are generally considered more collectable than notes that offer a full serial range.

    The smaller the range, the harder the note is to obtain, usually increasing desirability of the note as a collectable.
    Released Serial Range

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