About This Tool

This tool was made to assist beginners and enthusiasts to quickly identify collectable traits on banknotes.
Using this tool helps to open discussion on banknote collecting and provides a simple starting point for any level of collector to start a collection.
Details provided include production prefix type, special serial type, and the banknote release date, these key collectable factors are compared and a ranking provided.

Read more about how to use the (CAD) Canadian Banknote Checker Tool here.


The information provided within this tool does not factor in condition of the banknote, desirability of a note can be heavily impacted by the condition, where perfect condition notes will likely be sought after and hold a premium (more so the older a notes age), compared to a worn / damaged note.

Banknote collecting is subjective and while many people agree on certain aspects, there are many areas of collecting outside the scope of this tool, including collecting specific prefixes that may match initials, collecting serial ranges meant for commemorative events etc.

Currently this tool only checks BANK OF CANADA banknotes, issued after 1935, that have the following serial types.
– L 000000
– LL 0000000
– *LL 0000000
– LLL 0000000
(L = Letter, N = Number, 0 = Serial Digits, * = Star / Asterix)


While best efforts to provide accurate information within this tool was made, there may be errors and omissions in certain production ranges and releases.
This tool should be used in conjunction with your own research, all details provided within this tool are based on my personal collecting methods and may not reflect the goals of others.

Link to external sites including but not limited to eBay and Amazon may include an affiliate ID that can earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

Changes and updates can made without notice to this site and its tools.

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