How To Use This Tool

Providing your notes details

Step 1:
Type in the serial number from your banknote into the ‘Enter Serial # Here‘ box.
(If further inputs are required drop down options will appear)

Step 2:
Select the value denomination from the prompted drop down menu.

Step 3:
Select the appropriate option from any additional drop down menus that appear
(If unsure of the options provided select ‘I Don’t Know‘ for further information)

Step 4:
Press the ‘Check’ Button.

Reading the results

The following gauges will fill from Red through to Green, the filled gauge correlates to the desirability of the note.
– An almost empty red gauge depicts a mostly common, less collectable note.
– A full green gauge depicts notes with highly collectable features

Collectable traits are broken up into the following section:

Main Summary
Consists of:
– The overall desirability gauge
– Provided Serial #
– Banknote Images + Details
(Above section can be clicked to check values via eBay)
– Special Serial Details
(If available)

The main summary takes into consideration all the key collectable features checked within this tool to determine an overall desirability of the banknote provided.

Special Serial Summary
This section provides stats of the special serial types found, including how many occurrences of each type are present within a full potential serial range (0000001 > 9999999).
The gauge provided depicts the ranking of the special types found compared to all the special types checked within the tool.

Read more about the special serial types used here.

Banknote Release Date Summary
This section provides the release date details of the banknote provided.
The gauge in this summary ranks the age of the banknote provided to the earliest age range used within this tool (1935).
Older notes are generally more desirable as a collectable due to either being damaged over time, or being withdrawn from circulation.

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