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  1. I have a 1$ bill with the numbers i54311113a 2017 . Anything of value

  2. Hello – I have a $50 paper note serial number starting with HF and then the numbers – the checker does not bring anything up for that serial number – is there a reason for that – any help much appreciated.

    1. Hi Teresa, if possible could you please email me a picture of your note with the serial # showing and I will look into it, thanks

  3. Hello. I am checking two polymer bicentennial $10 notes. One is saying it’s not a valid number. The number is AB11815347.
    The other number is fine
    Can you please help.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Diane, please use the PAPER NOTE CHECKER to check the $10 bicentennial notes at the moment, I’ve had to seperate it from the main checker due to overlapping serial number, thanks

      1. i received a 1 dollar bill that is half the size of a real one ,thing is it looks like a real bill serial number G35010649P 1988 A Not sure what happened to it or how it got to be so small very circulated condition

  4. Hello, I have just found your checker. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s very useful, that’s for sure. I have only started coin collecting as new hobby. I am not interested in notes, only coins. I was surprised to find a $50.00 Australian note with JC on it. I Think it may have some value? Thank you.

  5. Hi Matt, input two Poly $10- serial numbers, only to be told invalid length ?
    Numbers are: AB20963144 & AB20963257
    Ideas ? thank you.
    Cheers John

  6. Hi Matt, l just input the details of a Poly $5- note and the checker said it was an invalid Serial Number ?
    AB10665687 Cole/Fraser.
    Also, l have a run of COA notes how do l determine value/rarity for these please:
    COA $2- FSJ093775-780 & COA $2- FTH091481 – 490 ( Phillips/Randall for both sets )
    COA $10- SAY831911 – 935 ( Coombs/Wilson )
    Thank you Matt, l look forward to your feedback.

    Cheers John

    1. Thanks John, I’ve replied via email, Cheers

  7. I have tried to purchase the value estimator but it continues to tell me that I can’t purchase due to not being able to ship to U.S. which the only reason my address is attached to the order is for billing not shipping , I thought the estimator was just a Google sheets download?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the message, at the moment the Value Estimators are only inclusive of Australian Banknote sales, I will be looking to incorporate U.S banknote data as more sales are recorded.

  8. Hi,
    I think you have some inaccuracies in your checker.
    I have in front of me a $100 EJ13758862 , yet your website advises that these notes were not issued with this prefix.
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Ross, Thanks for pickup up on that issue, I’ve had a small type for the 2013 data resulting it in not recognizing, I’ve fixed the error and now the data for 2013 dated $100 notes are showing correctly. Cheers

  9. Gday Matt
    I have the Google sheets and have already purchased this checker ..
    I don’t know if I have downloaded correctly..when I open it seems to be on left side of screen but I can not add anything in the column..please help

    1. Hi Rob,
      It sounds like you are opening on a desktop computer via the google sheets webpage?
      I have optimized the estimator for mobile phone displays, If possible please open on your mobile phones ‘Google Sheets’ app (free download).
      I’ve also emailed you with further details

      Regards – Matt

  10. Hi I think you have an issue with the $5 polymer notes it reads this as first prefix BA161111182 where AA is first

    1. Thanks Micheal, Great pickup thanks, I’ll work on a fix for this and update the checker shortly!

  11. frigging love it and its free

  12. Hi Matt,
    I love your tools and will do my best to help you out with your paper prefix checking as I go through my note collection in the next couple of weeks.
    Got one question about the Paper Serial Checker.
    I was using it to check on my 1988 $10 Bicentenary notes and checked some serials from my RBA Folders; eg. AA22066660. The result indicates that it is a 1988 $10 Re-Issue General Prefix. I understood that there was only 1 issue of RBA folders with prefixes AA 01 – AA 23. It looks like your algorithm isn’t discriminating between the AA RBA folder issues and the AB circulating issues.
    Please let me know if I’m mistaken as I always want to learn more about these notes.
    Regards, Marc Saunders

    1. Hi Marc, Thanks for all the confirmed Prefixes, I’ll be adding them to the formatting shortly.

      Thanks for the pickup on the Bicentenial 1988 $10’s, yes I have not taken into consideration the Folder Issued notes at this stage, I’m currently working on a Coin checker that will be uploaded soon then will get back to updating the Paper note checker to reflect the 1988 notes, Great feedback and thankyou for the input!

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