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  1. A $5 2013 ML 11119911 M

    A $5 2017 PL 47447666 B

    A $5 2013 MH 63356395 B

  2. Hi , i have just come across 6 $20 notes all with the same number DA190628269 CH190628269 CG190628269 CK190628269 DF190628269 CJ190628269 AND DE190624836 DD190624836 , can you please help , are they worth keeping all in good condition peter

  3. Hi. I been using your lookup tools and learned quiet a bit of your page. So thank you. As I am very new to all this but I have a 1.00 note B 08886886 A series 2021, and it won’t let me look it up cause I guess it’s a newer bill. Just wanted let u know. I used 2017a and it was some good things but it’s newer so I don’t know how much that would affect it’s value. But it’s got 1 slight corner fold and a slight fold in middle.

  4. I have a 1$ bill with the numbers i54311113a 2017 . Anything of value

  5. Hello – I have a $50 paper note serial number starting with HF and then the numbers – the checker does not bring anything up for that serial number – is there a reason for that – any help much appreciated.

    1. Hi Teresa, if possible could you please email me a picture of your note with the serial # showing and I will look into it, thanks

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