Banknote Value Estimator – January 2021

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This Banknote Value Estimator file is a ‘Google Sheet’ formatted spreadsheet that contains over 2500+ Recorded sales for the month of January in the Australian Banknotes category.

The Value Estimator allows you to select between $1 – $100 Australian Banknotes, their varieties and condition and will estimate a value based off the data collected.

The additional ‘DATA’ tab contains all of the captured raw sales information that can be searched for additional information which can be useful for manually estimating values for error notes or unique serial types.

The Value Estimator will allow you to select the available options where a recorded sale for that option has been captured, In the instance where no sale was recorded (eg 1966 $1 First Prefix Star Note), an option will not generate to select.

— File Specifics —

This file has been formatted with Google Sheets so it can be accessible on all platforms, Simply Download the file once purchased and open with the Google Sheets app, or upload to your google sheets account on desktop computers.

Please be aware this file is UNLOCKED and EDITABLE, you are free to make changes to the file which means the data can also be deleted, Please save a backup if you intend to make changes so you can always return to the original file.

— Downloading File —

Once purchased you will have access to a download link, If you create an account before purchase your download link will be available for future downloads in your account tab (recommended but optional)

*** Screenshots in product gallery are provided as sample of file in use, Data within is for the relevant month ***

Additional information

File Type

.xlsx Spreadsheet

Opens With

Google Sheets

File Size

< 450kb

Data Included

2654 Recorded Note Sales

Dates of Data

October 2020


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