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Primary Special Serial:
Special Serial Primary
Additional Special Serials:
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Birthday Serial Number
08 / 22 / 1985
Star Note Mintage
Special Serial Ranking
This serial numbers primary special type is ranked 1 out of 52 Serial types currently checked within this tool
The following stats are based off a max serial range of 0 notes
Primary Special Serial:
Secondary Special Serials:
Series Age Ranking
This notes Series Age is ranked 1 out of 52x total Series releases for US Small Notes
Older banknotes have a greater chance of being removed from circulation and much harder to obtain.
Condition of the note is a key factor in a high collector value, newer notes tend to require an Uncirculated condition where no special serial types are found, where older notes tend to be sought after even in well circulated condition however this will heavily impact any premium values.
Seal Color Ranking
This Seal color is ranked 1 out of 52 total Seal colors for US Small Notes
Green Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns, This is the most common seal found in circulation.
The Green seal help identify that these are Federal Reserve Note types.
Blue Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns.
Blue Seal notes help identify Silver Certificates, These notes are obsolete and generally removed from circulation however can still be found and considered collectable.
Red Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns.
Red Seal notes help identify United States Legal Tender Notes, These notes are obsolete and generally removed from circulation however can still be found and considered collectable.
Brown Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns.
Brown Seal Notes are found on the following note types, National Bank Notes, Federal Reserve Bank Notes, and Emergency varieties of Silver Certificates issued to Hawaii, these notes are highly collectable.
Gold Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns.
Gold Seal notes help identify Gold Certificates, These notes are Highly Collectable
Yellow Seals make up 1 of the 1 printruns.
Yellow Seal notes help identify an Emergency variety of Silver Certificates issued in North Africa, These notes are Highly Collectable.
Birthday Serial Notes
“Birthday Serial Number” is the common collecting term for banknotes that have a serial number that can be read as a date.
These serial types vary in desirability and are most collectable when the date matches a famous persons birthday, or a date of a significant event.
This tool check for Birthday Serial Types in the 2 most common formats of MM/DD/YYYY and YYYY/MM/DD, with a date range limited from the year 1776 through to today.
Click the link above to search your Birthday Serial Number for significant dates.
About This Tool
This tool is to assist with identifying collectable United States Small Note Design Banknotes. This tool check for:
Low Numbered Notes:
  • Numbers < 10
  • Numbers < 100
  • Numbers < 1000
  • Numbers < 10000
  • High Numbered Notes:
  • Numbers > 99999990
  • Numbers > 99999900
  • Numbers > 99999000
  • Numbers > 99990000
  • Special Serial Types:
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid Serials
  • 1 Digit Off Solid Serials
  • 2 Digit Off Solid Serials
  • Ladder Serials
  • Broken Ladder Serials
  • Radar Serials
  • Repeater Serials
  • Rotator Serials
  • Binary Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Bookend Serials
  • All Unique Numbers
  • Birthday Serials:
  • YYYY/MM/DD Format
  • MM/DD/YYYY Format
  • Range from 1776 > today.
  • Star Note Details:
  • Production Numbers (where available)
  • Collectable Rating for low mintages
  • Disclaimer:
    Rankings provided are calculated by many factors including series age, serial type, mintage figure and more, however collecting is very subjective and this tool may not reflect the desirability of your exact banknote. Limitations include the condition of the note, if the note is a special release or error banknote etc. Please use this tool in conjunction with additional resources if unsure of your note.