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This tool currently checks for:
Low Numbered:
  • Serial #’s Under 10
  • Serial #’s Under 100
  • High Numbered:
  • Serial #’s Under 10
  • Serial #’s Under 100
  • Special Types: (8-digits)
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid Serials
  • 1 Off Solid Serials
  • 2 Off Solid Serials
  • Ascending Ladders
  • Descending Ladders
  • Run Through Ladders
  • Radar Ladders
  • Repeate Ladders
  • Soft Rotator Serials
  • Super Rotator Serials
  • Radar Serials
  • Repeater Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Binary Serials
  • Birthday Serials (> year 1800)
  • Block Types:
  • Prefix / Suffix / Bank
  • Star Notes
    For any feedback, suggestions or missing special serial types to add to the checker, please comment below.
    Last Updated: 02/02/2021
  • 7 thoughts on “

    1. I have a 2013 $1 serial number J66666992C the middle 6 is larger and thicker than others . Is there any value

    2. any interest in $20 2017A cleveland note in excellent condition …s/n PD 55588555 A

    3. Hi guys I have a 50$ bill low serial number 01000032 is this bill value

    4. The last 6 before the R is visibly higher than the other numbers.

    5. Serial number H27026801A is the first of 50 bills in serial number order still strapped and have not been circulated.
      Does this have any impact on the value?

      1. Hi Paul, very likely the condition of your notes will increase any value premium and it helps having consecutive runs, common sales that tend to increase a premium are consecutive runs of 2x, 10x or 100x notes

    6. I have this $1 2009 X note. I was told that if I found one to keep it. Wondering a value. Thank you

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