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This tool currently checks for:
Low Numbered:
  • Serial #’s Under 10
  • Serial #’s Under 100
  • High Numbered:
  • Serial #’s Under 10
  • Serial #’s Under 100
  • Special Types: (8-digits)
  • Solid Serials
  • Semi-Solid Serials
  • 1 Off Solid Serials
  • 2 Off Solid Serials
  • Ascending Ladders
  • Descending Ladders
  • Run Through Ladders
  • Radar Ladders
  • Repeate Ladders
  • Soft Rotator Serials
  • Super Rotator Serials
  • Radar Serials
  • Repeater Serials
  • True-Binary Serials
  • Binary Serials
  • Birthday Serials (> year 1800)
  • Block Types:
  • Prefix / Suffix / Bank
  • Star Notes
    For any feedback, suggestions or missing special serial types to add to the checker, please comment below.
    Last Updated: 02/02/2021
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    1. Recently came across REALLY COOL NOTES!
      $10 Lightly Circulated- NB02012010A
      $1 Lightly Circulated- D87678767F
      $50 UNC PB31233401B, 02, & 03
      UNC $5 PF03021406* -13*
      UNC $5 PF03021416*-27*

    2. have a $1 serial number c00003951c series 2013

    3. None of my bills I looked up are available. The series years aren’t in the drop down.
      Like for example, a 1957 1 dollar v25230456a blue stamp note.

      1. Hi Vic, please use the updated checker for the US notes, once you enter the serial # you can choose from the available series for that note.

        This older tool only included green seal notes

    4. b00008040b on my dollar
      checker was about 80% rarity
      is this worth anything ?

    5. The 3 in the serial number is larger and bold as compared to the rest of the number. It stands out

      1. i think that if you sell, u make money off money, right right

    6. I have a $1 bill that has 666 on it its cool

      1. I have 1 $1 us dollar bill Seria number is
        C 63363336 C 2009 what can this go for or worth

    7. I have a 1$ note 2017,serial number- 19414996. I believe it would be a birthday note? I don’t know if anyone is looking for a note like this?

      1. It can’t be a birthday note there’s not that many months in a year or that many days in a month

    8. 2017 $20 w # “nl 33599566 d”

      Opinions ?

    9. The notes serial numbers are stamped heavy really deep. You can see them on the back coming through

    10. I have this $20 bill that has a letter H imprinted on the zero of the number 20 in front right hand top corner

    11. Series 1993

    12. my 2006 $1 bill I just checked on your site for the s/n has an error, does not have a motto on the back ” In God We Trust”. How often does that happen and is it worth much?

      1. I have a 2013 $100 dollar bill with a few misprints. Wanting to know how much it be worth?

    13. was wondering if my 2017A $20 Bill is rare or common and worth more than face value PE33400332A by any chance.?

      1. Looks like it has 3 doubles. That’s cool’

    14. I have $5 dollar soft rotater star note 01106669* is it worth anything to anyone

    15. Not sure what “✔ Oct 03 1733” means. I have one if someone can let me know why that would be special.

      1. This 2009 bill has the eagle seal in color on the right front of the bill

    16. I have a $1.
      It has a very interesting point. The serial number is a repeater of the datedate WW1 ended also has 11, 11, 11 on it when the war ended,
      The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. What could this be worth?
      My email is
      Thank you for your time.

    17. The date on a $1 bill reads 207 instead of 2017 serial number doesn’t detect anything special there is a slight fold near date but I folded other normal bills at same spot and Angel nothing makes th e 1 disappear in the date to give same result

    18. Has a bold look like a double print number 2 in the bottom serial number

    19. Rare 1*note D00019000*
      Any value

      1. That is something you need to get looked at because it could be worth a lot of money

      2. Absolutely due to it being one of the first notes printed,( having a 0001anything is an awesome find. Take it to a couple coin shops or a coin show ,possible list it on e Bay and compare it to recent sells of notes that are really close to those same digits. What’s the face value, I may buy it off you.

    20. I thought my $1 bill # G 18293849 B could be an interrupted ascending “step ladder” ‘1234’ with the same two numbers ’89’ interrupting in the same sequence… 89-89.
      Hey someone had to start somewhere to make these things up.😁.

      1. Have rare 🌟1 00019000cleveland any idea what value may be?

    21. I have a 2009 a series hundred dollar bill LF66695995 A
      I figured it would be worth something because of the three numbers for the serial number just wondering

    22. I have $20 bill 2006 with black department of Treasury stamp I thought they were green ? I don’t have any other $20s to compare at the moment but I swear they are usually green

    23. I have a 1999 $5 bill with no Treasury seal not listed I think it might be one of a kind in
      that year someone know I see 2003 but not 1999

    24. I have a hundred dollar bill with serial number HL00020001F. Does it have any value?

    25. I have a $20 MB44444946B. I’m looking to see what it could be worth. any thoughts?

      1. I have a $100 LB55585444D

    26. Hi, I just checked a $1 with a serial number that has 2sets of numbers that repeated the 4 of the same number in a row but it said there wasn’t anything special or unique about it. I just thought maybe there was.

      1. Hi Debbie, can you reply with the serial # used and I will check against the collectable serial types used In the tool, thanks

        1. Hey Matt my bill’s serial number is K54967132E and the 2 on the left side is higher than the other numbers. Would this make it more valuable?

          1. Hey Matt I got a $10 # ME20032000B & 1
            ML00006691 2013 they’re a little worn could they be worth anything

    27. I have what I have found so far to be unique. Two one dollar bills. one series 1993, other 2009. Both have a random serial number C40901138A. Both have been circulated, graded VF35 and VF30 by PMG. There is nothing about these serial numbers that would have caused them to be saved. I have seen matching random numbers, but not also with matching letters. I have matching pairs that have low or fancy numbers, but since these are saved, they can easily be matched up. But a totally random number ? There were approximately 9 billion series 2009 $1.00 in the world, but only one could have same number/letters. If you scanned a million bills a year it would take you 1,000 years just to go through one billion. My quest to find another matching random number pair through dealers and EBay over past 6 years has been fruitless. Who would take a dollar bill out of their pocket and say, ” I’m going to look for another with same number and letters”. I got the bills at auction and the seller did not know how they came to be and the person he got them from did not know.

    28. Hello, for whatever reason I am unable to get my series number 2 come up as an option. I have a $1 silver star note. It’s a bit strange, the star is at the beginning of the serial number instead of the end of it. Reads as follows,

      * 73536090 A
      Series 1957A

      1. Hi Natascha,
        Please use the updated US note tool,
        United States Banknote Checker

        The updated tool now includes the silver certificates and much more.

        1. I have a $100 FB44645558B 2003 series and a $100 LB55585444D 2009 series

    29. Tool said nothing special yet it has a full birthdate

      1. Hi Gordon, I’ve just updated the U.S Note checker, please try the serial number again in the updated tool as I’ve improved the birthday identifying. currently the formats are limited to YYYY/MM/DD and MM/DD/YYYY as these are the most popular date formats, If your serial format date is different please let me know the serial # and I’ll add for format into the tool. Thanks

        United States Banknote Checker (new tool)

    30. I have a crisp $20 serial PL15200463B
      Was rated “cool” it’s a broken ladder

    31. I have 5 dolar bill serial number ma66663333b 2013

      1. Have you still got that $5 bill #66663333B

    32. I have 2013 $5 MF13191817C if anybody is interested.

      1. I have a one dollar bill that has J 00008619 * note if any ones serious please contact me for more i have some seriously awesome bills

    33. I have a one dollar bill with a unique serial number it is, F04466440F I want to see if it has any value but can’t find anybody to at least give me an estimate of the value it has. You guys know anything maybe? Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Rickey,
        Awesome serial # on that note, condition will be a big factor in the value of the note, but previous 8 digit radars have sold between $20 – $140 from what I could find, your note with the matching F – F would be more desirable in my opinion, it is definitely a keeper, store it flat and safe to avoid any potential ongoing damage

        1. I have an F F serial number dollar bill. Where can I find more info

    34. I have a $1, 2017A serial number G00007718G. Think I have anything. The rear side border is off as well

    35. I have a 1957 series b silver dollar bill with blue hue with serial # t32368862a what’s it worth ones I found online comparable are worth 400 -1500 can’t figure it out???

    36. Have 2017 $1 L56940345E the 9 is much darker than other numbers, 4 & 5 are higher but the last 5 is higher than all the numbers…any info or insights on this? Thank you!

    37. I have a one dollar bill series 2017 no. K 66652017 C
      Is having the series date “2017” in the serial number collectable or valuable?
      Thank you

    38. I have a 2017 series $1 serial number
      E46444429A it contains a 5of a kind , 4 of which are together, can someone please help me determine the value ? It’s in great shape !

    39. I Have a 2013 $ 1.00 note.
      Serial # H11181118J…..fair Condition, is there value ??

      1. Yes! You should get it appraised! That’s an extremely rare fancy serial #!!! I’ll offer you $18. Right now! Without even seeing the condition! Lmk asap

    40. Serial# f36169577k on front and the face on the reverse side serial # is g37675570i

    41. I have a 1 dollar bill with the face and serial # of a different 1 dollar bill printed over the reverse

    42. Hello again guys and dolls, I must be the luckiest Notaphilist in the Universe! I have a
      1976 $2 Bill with a D17767100A (HISTORIC DATE) It’s also a ERROR NOTE, offset Seals and serial numbers. And Offset Cut ! What do you think the Value is? BTW July 1, 1776 was the Date Congress Opened discussion and cast the first Votes to make July 4, Independence Day. AND It’s in Perfect Condition ! I have Other “Crazy Serial Number” Bills I’m @ dennisharris999999999@gmail.com ,, Let’s Put Some Wings on These Fancy Serial # Notes ! Big Shout out to Matt !

    43. I have a $1 2017 series E00011500C and idea’s?
      Mr. Bravo

    44. I have a $2 bill serial number is
      F 05612121 A
      And a $1 bill serial number is
      L 88087303 J

      Anything special with these u think?

    45. My note is a 1957B silver certificate star note serial # ☆12799721B

    46. J00994169A-J00994179A 2013
      Uncirculated consecutive $2 bills
      And J00899615A-J00899630A
      2013 uncirculated consecutive $2 bills.
      Are either set worth anything more than $2 each?

      1. Absolutely! You should definitely have them graded and authenticated by one of the top grading companies. Also do not send them off to be graded without paying for the insurance that covers them if there was anything to go wrong during the transportation process such as damage or them being lost or something like that. Once you get them graded and authenticated and they are returned to you place them in a reputable auction and be sure it’s one that isn’t going to screw you over by setting the beginning bid at a price much less than they are valued. You should be able to get a good amount of money from them if they are in as good of condition as you say they are in.

        1. Mrs razzle dazzle I don’t know whether you know only about currency auctions or if you have info on others, but if you could enlighten me with your wisdom on an off topic , I’ve wanted in past to auction items I have priced from collectable price guide at $ 600- 1000 and I have been told by aquintances and those in the auction selling business to put them up starting at a $1.00 and let the bidding start ! Now I’ve argued the point of why can’t I start at $500 for the item and “always” I’ve told I can but knowing will bid ! They want to fight it out slowly 50 here 7.80 cents there and on up !!? I read over all e-bay directions warnings and etc. On setting up an auction spot but know here does it say about starting bids on items much higher than a dollar I gave up and didn’t set one up but have asked around since and it’s always a dollar you are the first I’ve ever heard thinking something didn’t seem right about this any info / unsure on this please leave a message thank you . I real ize you may only know about curancy auctions but it was worth a try

    47. any info/value >> star note
      b 02386001 *

    48. I have $20 2013 series with serial #ME88884882 I. just curious if its worth anything other than $20

      1. I would definitely think so. Let us know what you find out please.

    49. Hey Guys And Dolls! I have a $1 bill with the number I588888888A , also I58888885A PLUS THE ( BEEF ) or the whole 100 pack in the BEG Strap Uncirculated, There’re ALL PERFECT ! 💸

      1. That’s Awesome 👏🏻

    50. I have this bill with a error on the serial number as the number 6is up higher than the rest of the numbers

    51. I bought a Lucky 7’s note from the United States mint came in its own little envelope and a little folder and it’s really nice build number 777 and it says it’s a Lucky 7 it’s got four sevens as far as whatever those other numbers are on there for but it cost a nice chunk of change I was wondering how come your paperwork is showing is worth nothing

      1. Hi Robert, the Serial checker tool currently checks for the commonly collected serial types such as solids, radars, repeaters etc.
        Collecting is very subjective and there is a whole range of desired serials people collect, including lucky 7s or 8s.
        The scoring by the tool is based on how likely finding that serial type in circulation is, based off the maximum possible notes of that type.
        Thanks for the message, I’m constantly looking at updates and will try to add the additional serial types as requested

      2. Would you be interested in my $20 numbered mb 77770733 c?

    52. L79777773G any value here ?

      1. I have a $1 bill with four doubles oversized ink era double print misaligned high serial number front plate to the right fwh49 to the left h5 and back plate is 48 you put it on the light and the number 0 is right on top of the point of the pyramid does anyone know how much that might be worth

    53. Hey guys I have $20 bill #JE00000043E is there any value
      Year is 2009.

    54. I have 5 put the serial number PL08888888A

      1. Yes there is bud

    55. I have a clean straight from the bank $20 note, series 2017, serial number NK 44622644 A. What could be the possible value of a $20 bill with this type of serial number? Any inputs, thoughts, or information?

    56. I got this bill worth something
      10 dls 00024000

    57. I have a 1999 $100 bill serial#

      What is if anything about this bill?
      Thank you

    58. I have twobills that have printing errors.
      The first is a one dollar bill B13373377A
      The other side appears to read 13373379A.
      It’s not actually a 9 (more like a Y With a straight line across the top. Would this be of any value?
      The second is a 100.00 bill with a partial second eye ?? On theft side of Ben’s face. Any thoughts.

    59. Hi, I have to almost mint condition, consecutive serial ($1 notes F02297758* and F02297759*), I have $1 note with serial number L41413737A. What are they worth if anything?

    60. So I found a couplle that had E-E Matching Block D 1 That hada L-L Matching Block? I was wondering what that meant exactly?

      1. Hi Steven, matching blocks have the same prefix-suffix letters, some collectors prefer this as lower chances than mismatched blocks, also commonly collected are A-Z blocks, although it may not have much of a premium increase the score is based on being a lower minted amount serial#. Hope this helps, cheers

        1. awesome thank you for responding. are they something that i should get appraised? im pretty new at this but I am very interested in how these this work and learning the process of it all

    61. Hey guys I have what I think is low serial number for a 2013 $20 dollar bill its MH00000224B
      What do you guys think?

    62. My $20 has a unique number, but it seems you don’t check for quads, pairs, or totals… 94488881 has quads and pair (I believe that is less than 10%?) and numerical total of 50 (only 4.8% if bills do)

    63. hi i have a 20dollare bill , gk78806663b with 1 next to the b also the# 1 on the back in good shape,ya let me if you wood like to make aoffer on it ok

    64. Trying to find out how much my star notes might be worth to someone serial #F11814241* -F11814244* thank you for your time .?

    65. I have several red stamp $5 and silver stamp $1 along with silver dollar looking to find out what they are worth

    66. Anyone interested in a 1985 $20 w/ serial # B13446389C. Has little pink mark and few folds, it is in decent condition.

    67. I have a 2013 1 dollar bill with the serial number E94539453E is this Bill worth anything other than a dollar

    68. mk88112277b $20 series 2013 came back as not special but it’s a quad doubles bill

    69. Last digit #4 is partially missing. Iam wondering what it’s worth .

      1. The serial # MI74291924A

    70. I have a $1 2017series F23937189C what can you tell me?

    71. I have a 2013 $1 serial number J66666992C the middle 6 is larger and thicker than others . Is there any value

      1. I’ll buy that from you now! I’m sending you my email, please send me your email address! I’ll gladly pay you $15 for a $1 bill

    72. any interest in $20 2017A cleveland note in excellent condition …s/n PD 55588555 A

      1. How much

      2. Im interested

        1. How about 100$ bill serial 86786768

      3. I am!!! Keebasims@gmail.com please email me

    73. Hi guys I have a 50$ bill low serial number 01000032 is this bill value

      1. Thats not a low serial number. Not value wise, anyway.

    74. The last 6 before the R is visibly higher than the other numbers.

    75. Serial number H27026801A is the first of 50 bills in serial number order still strapped and have not been circulated.
      Does this have any impact on the value?

      1. Hi Paul, very likely the condition of your notes will increase any value premium and it helps having consecutive runs, common sales that tend to increase a premium are consecutive runs of 2x, 10x or 100x notes

    76. I have this $1 2009 X note. I was told that if I found one to keep it. Wondering a value. Thank you

      1. As flooded as the market is, values have been taking a nose dive since the last stimulus. The feds inundated us cash, and its nothing for me to come home from the grocery store with several of some kind of fancy serial numbers in my pocket cuz they’re they’re just out there they’re common and people are hip and savvy and have no value anymore. We collectors are a dying breed. The young generation only cares about how strong the wifi on their phone is. I have a $2017 $5 Radar, repeater, flipper, trinary… 10 years ago i wouldve thrown the money at you just to take it home with me. Now… My note is worth more if i ruin it, slap a cardboard back on it, put a cheap ass frame around it, and convince some tourist that its worth more than his house.

        1. I have a 100$ bill MB86786768M serial number. It’s pretty cool and unique. Thoughts or offers for it?

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